By the Hummingbird Team

Here are some of the comments we have received about our services from referral agents and partner agencies. Feel free to add a comment below.

Be Safe Be Well Mens Shed recently engaged the Hummingbird Project to provide specialist help with a member who needed help through a time of great personal crisis.  Leigh at the Hummingbird met with our member within days of the referral and has been providing vital support to him for the past 6 weeks.  We decided to engage the Hummingbird because we recognised that in order to help this member , an advocacy and mentoring support service was what was needed most urgently at this time. Our member finds it difficult to communicate as his speech is affected due to a brain tumour.  Leigh has been able to support our member in connecting him with the support services he need and then accompanying him to those appointments. Therefore ensuring that he is not only receiving all the support he can access but also making sure that his needs and his desires are being fully communicated with the various agencies. Having observed our member, and speaking to him over this period, it is very clear that not only has Leigh’s interventions been essential to improving our members quality of life, but it has actually saved his life as he had told us that he was suicidal, he now has hope and has goals for the future..  I have no hesitation in recommending this service and we view it as an essential partner organisation for our mens sheds.

Be Safe Be Well Men’s Sheds

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