The Hummingbird Project is a social enterprise that provides capacity building and support to all members of the mental health family in a safe, warm-hearted space

The Hummingbird Project (The Project) is an independent and registered Community Interest Company. The Project executive team have over 25 years experience of working in the voluntary and community sector specifically within mental health. We have a keen interest in resilience and working collectively within local communities, using a community education approach, to improve peoples’ mental health, life circumstances and reduce stigma.

The Project sits in the progressive environment of a new vision of mental health that is rooted in community, moving beyond the medical model and embraces recovery as identified by the Bamford Review as a key social issue in Northern Ireland. The Hummingbird Project provides a much-needed addition to current services which are user led, forward thinking and organic in its response to seek out new opportunities for social development.

The Project name was derived from and symbolizes the many different concepts and characteristics of the tiny hummingbird. Because of its wing speed the hummingbird is known as a messenger and stopper of time. The hummingbird is able to fly backwards, teaching us that although we can look back on our past we should learn not to dwell on it. To get the most out of our lives we should strive to move forward and to savour each moment and appreciate the things we love. The hummingbird teaches us to laugh, enjoy creativity and is a reminder for us to be persistent in the pursuit of our dreams and strive to adopt both their and our own tenacity and uniqueness.

Our Mission
“Inspiring an ability to determine your own emotional health and recovery”
Our Vision
“That everyone embraces a collective energy to recover and seek out the good in life”