Here’s some of the things our clients have said about their experiences with the Hummingbird Project…

“Since meeting with The Hummingbird Project, my outlook on life has changed significantly. I feel I have overcome some of my biggest hurdles, I feel positive about my future and can look forward to continuing to try and reach the goals I thought I would never reach”

“…has really brought me out of my shell and look at things in a more positive way”

“Helpful being open and honest without judgment. Want to continue to build confidence and self-esteem”

“I have expanded my boundaries and subsequently found it easier to imagine possibilities beyond the restrictions I had imagined previously”

“Having support has given me a view into possibilities that I hadn’t previously thought of. My life and mood continues to improve and feel happier with the prospects for my future”

“Thank you Hummingbird Project, feeling privileged to have met you. A truly warm-hearted and supportive lady.  Very patient and encouraging always.  Inspirational to me!.  Feeling positive for the future with professional advice given.  Mentoring for the future, a better choice of word than counselling.  Wishing all the best for The Hummingbird and hope to support them in the future.  Many thanks for all the help and support”

“Talking with The Hummingbird Project has made me realise that it is ok to do things for myself and my own enjoyment. I am now feeling more confident at problem solving and keeping my anxiety in check”

See an evaluation from our Level 1 training programme here

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