Be Safe Be Well Men’s Sheds

We are working with Be Safe Be Well Men’s Sheds to give skills to participants to improve their wellbeing, increase their understanding of resilience and manage stress and pressure of everyday life.

PARTNERING WITH: Be Safe Be Well Men’s Sheds
FUNDED BY: BUPA Foundation/GP Federation
GEOGRAPHICAL LOCATION: Causeway Coast and North West NI
TIME PERIOD: 2020 – 2022

MAIN BARRIERS: isolation, retirement or long-term unemployed

PROJECT IMPACT: At the Hummingbird we know what men can be like when talking about mental health and emotional wellbeing. Sometimes it feels like you have to trap them into a corner, as cultural stigma and tradition has made men believe that it is shameful to be emotional and have issues. This project targets these issues and engages particpants in group work activties, encouraging the learning of emotional resilience and teaching partipants necessary skills to use in times of stress. This includes teaching partipants the importantance of self care, finding activities that give them pleasure, knowing what support networks are avaliable to them and developing their understanding of how mental health impacts their everyday lives using fun activities that provide visual examples for partipants to better understand.

WHAT WE ARE DELIVERING: Emotional resilience group work, emotional health assesment and some 1-2-1 recovery mentoring

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