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How can Hummingbird transform your workforce?

We understand that staff wellbeing is very often seen as a bolt on, a nice thing to do, a tick box for the HR function within an organisation, rather than a strategic investment that provides financial, cultural and productivity returns. We don’t expect an organisation to be experts in this stuff, you are too busy getting on with your specialist area and if given a budget to help address it you are hit with a google search of endless “quick fix”, “one size fits all” talks and training that all claim to be the answer to your wellbeing problems. But how can they be if every organisation and workforce is different?

The Hummingbird Project knows that the only way to create real, measurable difference is to co-create solutions with an organisation, and share knowledge and advice to lift people up, rather than keep them quiet.

Why are Hummingbird the experts you need?

Emotional wellbeing and sound mental health in the workplace is a complex, stigmatised and sensitive issue. We genuinely realise that for many employees and managers, it is too difficult to tackle these issues alone and early enough to avoid absence and discomfort within a team environment. We know this because, not only do all Hummingbird team members have years of learned and practiced experience in supporting emotional health, but everyone who works for the Hummingbird has lived experience of mental health issue.

We’ve all been that team member who is struggling to keep on top of tasks because of lack of sleep, turning down staff lunches because they are too anxious to be social, knowing that your performance is dwindling because of stressors like divorce or bereavement at home. And we all know the dread of being called into your managers office, with both of you feeling awkward and pressurised, with no answers as to how to make it better.

The change we make…

The Hummingbird’s job for your organisation is to share our knowledge, our experience and our skills to empower everyone in the organisation to know what to say, to know how to stay well and know how they get support if they need it.

Our Unique 3U-Model© and its theory of change will embed knowledge, policies and solutions for wellbeing to thrive in an organisation and for the results of this to impact your bottom line and well as your culture.

This is no-nonsense, effective and impactful – addressing the needs of business and commerce in reducing absenteeism, presenteeism and job retention issues. 

Wellbeing support solutions 

Once we have gotten to know you as a business, consulted with you on your strategic vision, needs and budget for wellbeing, we can provide your workforce with tailored support solutions, that suits the needs and the budget of your organisation to create sustainable, measurable outcomes.

These solutions range from group training and support events, accredited management training, early invention and absent employee talking therapy support.


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