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We are working with Focus on Family, CAN and Millburn Community Association to provide participants with skills in wellbeing, resilence and managing stress especially when seeking work.

PARTNERING WITH: Focus on Family, CAN and Millburn Community Association
TIME PERIOD:  Spring – Summer 2021

PARTICIPANT GROUP: Adults considering employment
MAIN BARRIERS: Education, unemployment, learning differences and health issues

PROJECT IMPACT: Here at the Hummingbird, we know how difficult it can be for people with learning differences to manage their everyday lives especially when it comes to their education and employment. For those who have been out of the workplace due to other health issues, the prospect of returning can be daunting. This project targets these issues and engages particpants in group work activties encouraging the learning of emotional resilience and wellbeing – teaching partipants the neccessary skills to use in times of stress or pressure, teaching participants how their own skills in life can be used to benefit them when looking or applying for jobs. It delves deeper into the working world showing and allowing participants to learn and understand what motivates them and how work can be benefitical in managing their wellbeing . participants also are shown what support networks are avaliable to them and develop their understanding of how mental health impacts their everyday lives using fun activities that provide visual examples for partipants to better understand. The wellness bucket is an amazing example where participants can visually see and add a value to the tasks they face everyday allowing them to visually see and understand the impact that over working your mind can have.

WHAT WE ARE DELIVERING: Emotional resilience group work, emotional health assesment and some 1-2-1 recovery mentoring

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