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Community Well-being Solutions

A Part of our Community

At the Hummingbird Project, we are very clear that we don’t want to be all things to all people. We firmly believe that working in partnership with other community organisations, who are experts in other socio-economic factors that impact on individuals, to create wrap round solutions for those most vulnerable in our communities, is the most impactful, lean and sustainable answer. We want to provide high impact recovery and resilience solutions for those who are vulnerable to mental ill health for community organisations who identify this as an issue for their clients, but don’t have the skills or remit to provide this support. By working in collaboration with others we increase engagement, share knowledge, break down stigma and reduce siloed working within the CVSE sector, which can add strain to limited funding options.

Our Community Partners

Since the Hummingbird’s inception, we have enjoyed many community collaborations, most of which continue year on year, getting bigger and more impactful as we grow. Because all of our interventions, whether 1-2-1 or in a group setting, are all based on the 3U-model© principles of mental wellbeing – driven by an individual’s lived experience, we can adapt our delivery across most age ranges, educational or engagement needs or complexity of barriers. If you feel that your clients or community group members could benefit from or services, please contact us, we would love to create a tailored package of support that suits the needs of the communities you serve.

What we do for our Communities…

We offer bar-raising, measurable, accountable and change-making solutions for all members of our community. If you want to work with us to improve the lives of your service users, talk to us today about some of the solutions we offer:

In-person Recovery Mentoring

These sessions support a client on a 1-2-1 basis, and promote person-centred recovery through the learning of personal resilience skills to support emotional wellbeing. We use a unique combination of lived experience (LEx) and our own 3U-Model© to inspire clients to take control of their life.

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Community Group Resilience Skills

The professionals in the Hummingbird Project have developed a vast range and depth of experience in delivering support, both in one to one and group environments. We provide endorsed and accredited resilience courses to all in a friendly, accessible form – delivered online or in person for up to 15 participants.

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Online Emotional Resilience Forum

This year has shown the vulnerability of people to social isolation. This online forum creates a safe space for conversation while up-skilling its participants to understand emotional wellbeing and build resilience for their own mental health. Over 90 minutes, participants learn what works for them by harnessing their own expertise.

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Community Partnerships

We don’t believe in re-inventing the wheel! There are lots of great organisations doing lots of great work and we want to partner with you to create impact and make a difference to your clients. We take a unique approach to collaboration where we bring our skills to your table, working alongside your methods. 

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