What the Hummingbird Project is doing so far…

Staff Welfare:

The Hummingbird Project (THP) has taken the decision to close its office until further notice so that our staff can adhere to government advice and stay at home. In addition, we have furloughed some of our team to protect jobs while maintaining our ability to support our most vulnerable clients. We are supporting all our staff and encouraging them to take all the necessary precautions for them and their families, paying particular attention to their emotional health and wellbeing.

Client Welfare:

The Hummingbird team is acutely aware that this is an extremely worrying time and are therefore maintaining phone contact with those clients whose mental health is being adversely affected by the ongoing emergency. Hummingbird is supporting those clients who feel vulnerable and continuing to advise and signpost to appropriate help as much as we can. Any client can reach out to us either through the contact form on this website, through our social media pages (see the links at the top of the website) or directly where they have mobile phone numbers. We will continue to be here for you as much as humanly possible.


Our team is in constant communication with each other remotely and have daily updates from our CEO with video conferencing when possible. We are committed to supporting each other and our clients, partners and stakeholders by communicating by phone, email and social media as often as needed. If you haven’t heard from us in the last 48 hours, please be patient… we have many calls to get through.


As always, our team are in touch with our partners and friends within the sector to try to understand how we can support the emotional health of our communities. We are pooling resources and skills to come up with innovative ways to deliver our services in this new reality.


The Hummingbird Project is working with leaders in civil society to seek support from government in order to find new ways of contributing to the fight back in this emergency. Check back regularly to see what we come up with.


Our team are listening carefully to all the government advice during this time. We are also following the PHA website to keep up to date with the latest news. And, as always, we are listening to the concerns of our clients and are relaying them to authorities so they can fully understand the needs of vulnerable people.


We pride ourselves in THP in our ability to remain calm in the face of adversity. Even at this worrying time, we urge all our clients to be mindful of their own anxieties, seek support, stay on your self-care and use all the calming tools at your disposal to keep yourself well.

Being Responsible:

The Hummingbird Project will only resume normal service when we are sure that it is safe to do so. Please be assured that we will survive this and will be there on the other side with our expertise in recovery when it is all over.

Many thanks

THP Team