The Gryphon Project

We are working with Groundwork NI to provide young male particpants with skills to better manage their wellbeing and resilence, learning how to manage stress and pressure from everyday life

FUNDED BY: Barclays Foundation
TIME PERIOD: Spring / Summer 2021

MAIN BARRIERS: isolation, retirement or long-term unemployed

PROJECT IMPACT: We at the Hummingbird know how difficult it can be for men of all ages facings challenges with education and employment, the sadness that can come when you are turned away from a job or looked down on because you didn’t understand something. This project targets these issues and involves particpants engaging in group work activties encouraging the learning of emotional resilience and wellbeing teaching these men that it is ok to talk about feelings and that being turned away or looked down on isnt the end, they can bounce back, we also teach participants what support networks are avaliable to them and develop their understanding of how mental health impacts their everyday lives using fun activities that provide visual examples for partipants to better understand. Especially when trying to engage men in discussions around mental wellbeing it can be difficult and most don’t want to admit the amount of pressure they can feel at times, this is why we use an exercise called wellness bucket. This execise involves partipants being asked to provide an example of a task or issue they face everyday that puts stress or pressure on them, when they identify one they are then asked out of five tennis balls how stressful is the task or issue, partipants can then put a number of tennis balls into a bucket. The exercise demonstrates to particpants the importance of knowing your own mind (bucket) and how much you can handle everyday before it becomes too much and like in the execise the balls fall out of the bucket. Giving participants these visual and physical examples helps them to understand and come to terms with the importance of their wellbeing.

WHAT WE ARE DELIVERING: Emotional resilience group work

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