26th April 2018

Amplify Sessions

We have begun workshop sessions with Amplify on The People’s Accelerator. By joining amplifythe People’s Accelerator, we have the opportunity to develop our project in a supportive and fun environment; to be part of a community of people who share our commitment to tackling social issues and inequalities; to affirm our capacity to realise our idea, and to get access to a network of others who have had similar journeys. The People’s Accelerator is an initiative by Amplify NI, and powered by The Young Foundation.  It is funded by Big Lottery Fund.

12th April 2018

Gala in Aid of The Goliath Trust

Our co-director Leigh Carey attended the magnificent Gala in aid of The Goliath Trust onLeighGeorge the 11th April in the Europa Hotel, Belfast. Now and then, we have the privilege of meeting truly inspirational people but none more so than Senator George Mitchell. With our keen interest in the preventative ethos to ensure good emotional health it was a great opportunity to support children in our community and connecting with the Goliath Trust and their work is great.




20th February 2018

PLEASE HELP! So the The Hummingbird Project is tentatively moving towards having its chairfirst permanent office space. We have waited a long time – to remain lean, to respond to geographical need and because we needed to wait until we found something that was truly special. We needed a space that wasn’t just an office, it had to reflect our ethos and therapeutic model, to allow comfort, hope, free thinking and allow people to feel better just by being there. And we think we have found it, in the heart of the north coast, steps from the beach, with big windows and parking and in a beautiful building, happy days. We now have to task of furnishing it in a way that continues with the well-being theme… unconventional and awesome… but unfortunately, this usually means expensive 🙄. It is so important for this space to be special, so I’m calling all those who identify with what we are trying to do to make this happen. It’s just one big room….advice, donations and good deals all welcome.

16th January 2018

PaulHamlynWe are excited and honoured to have been awarded the ideas and pioneers grant from The Paul Hamlyn Foundation. With this funding and support we will be doing groundbreaking work with children and young people to co-develop and create early intervention and prevention tools and workshops to strengthen their confidence, emotional resilience and coping strategies. We will support young people to become social innovators, to use their experiences and creativity to help and support others. It’s pretty exciting…bring it on 🤗

12th December 2017


Many thanks to The Community Foundation for inviting us to be a part of your Christmas Celebration, was a proper festive, relaxed and hopeful evening 🎄🤗




9th December 2017

unltd_logoProud of us Hummingbirds to have won our pitch to receive Unltd funding to strengthen our connections with other inspiring professionals and make our training be the best in the recovery business. 2018 is going to be a cracker 😊

13th November 2017

Network-Personal-LogoA couple of heartwarming quotes from participants of our recent “Why Work” program that was delivered to a group of Steps to Success and ESA clients…

“Thank you very much. I am leaving motivated to do a lot more and find out what I really want to do in terms of work. Good luck with everything yous do in the future and again thank you” (3 smiley faces after this quote!)

“Down to earth, realistic approach with the right amount of humour. Thought provoking and worth the time and would be happy to meet again. Thanks.”

Thanks so much to Network Personnel for organising the training and giving us a chance to meet this marvelous group. Barriers to employment can be overcome! 😊😊😊


17th October 2017

Had a great couple of weeks delivering our “Why Work?” program over 2 half day sessions to Network Personnel clients in Magherafelt, who have been struggling to overcome their work barriers and get confident and motivated to step into the world of Network-Personal-Logowork. The feedback from Network Personnel staff and the participants has been amazing, anyone interested in finding out about the course and how we can help clients, pop through an email to leigh.thehummingbird@outlook.com
Here’s a couple of feedback quotes from participants…

“Really inspirational course, reference to personal experience was incredibly motivating and relevant. Group exercises and interactivity of the course was very transferable.”

“Thank you very much. I am leaving motivated to do a lot more and find out what I really want to do in terms of work. Good luck with everything yous do in the future and again thank you”


15th September 2017

Awards - Book NowWe are excited and honoured to be shortlisted in “One to Watch” category for the 2017 Social Enterprise Awards. When you are working hard to get funding, win contracts and gain respect as a new organisation, getting recognition from your peers that they believe in your vision and commitment is humbling and heartwarming. Yay!!


30th March 2017


Visited the Be safe Be well men’s shed in Limavady yesterday to see their wonderful premises and chat about how we can work together to improve the lives of the men in our community. Exciting that they have a new shed opening in a few weeks in Portstewart!


9th march 2017


Had a fantastic day at the inaugural Female Entrepreneurs Conference. So many inspiring people being helpful and supportive to each other. Be bold people!!!




22nd January 2017

Excited to be starting off the year working alongside the NHSCT Emotional Health & Wellbeing Hubs to provide Recovery Mentoring to their clients. Building a one to one relationship with a client to help them with their recovery journey and overcome barriers is a rewarding and humbling experience. We are so lucky to do this job everyday 😊

9th December 2016


We were delighted to attend the launch of the Network Shed in Magherafelt yesterday. This venue has been established by Network Personnel for people of all age and sex to come together to talk, create and develop friendships. We look forward to working alongside you guys in the new year.


28th September 2016

A very interesting and informative morning spent at the State of the Sector launch at NICVA with Communities Minister Paul Givan….and a wonderful surprise to come out to one of the Ulster Orchestra’s 50 pop up concerts to mark their 50th anniversary.


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