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Our Impact

Partnerships and Projects

The Hummingbird Project works best in partnership with others and when we drop into projects bringing high impact sustained outcomes. Some of the work we have undertaken recently includes…

  • NHSCT – not content with helping NHSCT primary care patients achieve long-term positive changes in their lives we have also trained health service staff to manage their emotional health.
  • ARTiculate – in partnership with Big Telly Theatre Company) and funded by the Arts Council NI and PHA, we worked with a group of teenagers excluded from mainstream education to improve their resilience.
  • Mind, Body & Soil – we worked with young adults with additional learning needs to prove they can also determine their own resilience and emotional health.
  • Corporate partners – Local businesses benefitted from taster sessions demonstrating the need for emotional health training in the private sector. We also teamed up with BITC to deliver Link & Learn sessions to corporates.
  • CVSE sector training – our own sector deals with some of the most vulnerable people in society and staff also benefitted from resilience skills.
  • PwC – the GameChangers Project funded by PwC continues to prove… well, game changing – removing some of the most vulnerable young adults from the factors contributing to suicide and lifting them out of poor mental health.

Key Impact Stats

  • Over 500 people accessed our emotional resilience training in 2019 with 100% saying that it benefited their emotional health.
  • In our 1-2-1 recovery mentoring service, we had a 1.6% “did not attend” rate compared to statutory services who have an average 15% DNA rate.
  • We increased our partnerships in 2019 to 37 different community, statutory and private sector organisations.
  • With our 1-2-1 clients, we have measured an average emotional health improvement of 85% in clinical scores.

Thought Leadership

  • Northern Area Steering Group – a disruptor voice to challenge how services are provided
  • Mental Health 5-year plan – providing a professional LEx voice where it’s needed most
  • HSC Special Interest Group
  • LEx Movement – a new global movement working to harness the power of lived-experience
  • Member Events – NICVA, CO3, Social Enterprise NI, BITC – all local bodies where we are becoming more and more respected throughout the year
  • Amplify NI Accelerator Programme – inspiring future social entrepreneurs at the beginning of their own journey’s.
  • Profile Tree Media Interview – an interview that has gone viral round the globe – retweeted on six continents and continuing to inspire change
  • Social Investment Ireland Enterprise – challenging our neighbours to think outside the box and add LEx and co-creation to their methods
  • Social Investment Board Social Value Clause – helping corporates to really think better about how they add social value to the tendering process

Conferences and Events

  • LEx Movement – contributing on the conference scene of this important movement
  • WISE 100 – our CEO is one of only 3 WISE women in NI
  • BITC – Health and Wellbeing Conference – reaching out to share powerful stories of recovery, resilience and lived-experience to managers in the business sector
  • CO3 – taking our place among the social leaders of today
  • Supporting Communities – supporting a sector that influences the emotional health of society
  • ASC Conference
  • Ulster Bank Accelerator Alumni Event – passing on the learning and motivation to the next generation
  • NICVA – Transforming through Openness & Candour – adding our voice to an important process in health provision in NI
  • Amplify Accelerator Alumni Event – sharing our journey to inspire other changemakers

Awards & Recognition

  • Nat West SE Top 100 – one of a small cohort of NI Social Enterprises listed in the UK top 100 SE businesses
  • Nat West WISE 100 – we are included in the NAT West top 100 Women in Social Enterprise in the UK
  • Great British Entrepreneur Awards Shortlist – Entrepreneur for Good
  • Social Enterprise NI – Leader of the Year Award Winner 2019
  • Social Enterprise UK – Shortlisted for Social Enterprise Woman of the Year 2019
  • CO3 – Shortlisted for Leader of a Small Organisation 2020

In a Pandemic Year

  • QUB Collaboration – we received an ESRC voucher from QUB to embed a senior research fellow in to THP for six months to validate our impact and learn about the professionalism of our LEx model. The report has shown the effectiveness of our service and our LEx approach. Find out more here
  • Partnering with Be Safe Be Well Men’s Sheds (funded by BUPA Foundation) to improve how the Shed’s consider the mental health of their members
  • Community Innovators Programme 2020 – tasking ourselves to continue our innovation by looking at how we empower employers to manage the mental health of their employees
  • PwC GameChangers Version 2020 (now called Into Tomorrow)– scaling up the project to more young people and driving down suicide rates in the most vulnerable areas of NI
  • Social Value Corporate partnerships – in conjunction with the Social Investment Board working in partnership with corporates to address wellbeing in-house alongside their social value commitments

We are grateful to all our partners and supporters throughout this year. 2019 was a year of opportunity, impact and the Hummingbird coming of age. Now, in 2020, we are addressing the serious issues confronting us all and pivoting our services to become accessible in a time of social distancing. But beyond the facts and figures, our clients say it best…

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