Hummingbird Connect

We’re working with Focus on Family, Millburn Community Association, West Bann, Cross Glebe and Causeway Womans Aid to provide participants with skills in wellbeing and resilience and managing stress in everyday life

PARTNERING WITH: Focus on Family, Causeway Womens Aid, West Bann, Cross Glebe Community Association and Millburn Community Association
GEOGRAPHICAL LOCATION: Causeway Coast and Glens NI
TIME PERIOD: 2020 – 2021

MAIN BARRIERS: isolation, poor mental health, pandemic related issues, domestic violence

PROJECT IMPACT: At the Hummingbird we know how difficult it can be for individuals during the Covid 19 pandemic – not being able to socialise, complete studies properly and also being trapped looking at the same four walls all day, it can really put you into a bad state. This project aims to fight that by paticipants working with a Hummingbird staff member to get mentored and taught how to manage and cope with these issues and the stress and anixety that come from them, 1 to 1 mentor allows participants to feel safe and able to speak freely, also allowing the mentor the ability to teach and show the participant ways in combating barriers that they be currently facing.

WHAT WE ARE DELIVERING: Community based 1-2-1 recovery mentoring

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