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The 3U-Model©

What makes The Hummingbird different to other one to one support options?

We often get asked what we do that is different from other talking therapy options such as CBT or counselling and why can it make such a difference to our individual clients. We are different because we create a collaborative relationship with our client, looking at what is going on in their life that impacts their emotional well-being, unlock what they want or need to change, and then co-create solutions with them to reach these goals, adapt their circumstances and gain the support and knowledge they need to move forward with confidence. The person is the expert in themselves, so to create solutions that work, they are at the center of knowing the best way forward, we just work alongside them until they can make these decisions. This process has been developed into our own unique modeling of working which we call the 3U-Model©


We empathise with traumas or difficulties mentees have experienced or are currently experiencing. We draw on our own lived experience of struggles and low times to enable them to tell their story without fear of judgement and support them to focus on and recognise their strengths, abilities and achievements.  We talk with them about possible options and solutions to help them to look forward to a healthier and happier future.


Every person is the expert on themselves as they know their own goals and aspirations and the barriers that are preventing them from leading the life they want. Our job is to facilitate or “unlock” a persons ability to recognise the role they play in their own decision making and ultimately, happiness.  We never tell someone what they need to do as they are more likely to succeed if they take control and make their own decisions about how they want their life to look.   This approach allows mentees to build their resilience, self-belief and allow them to move on.


We support mentees to pinpoint and understand why they may be experiencing difficulties.  We encourage them to gain knowledge and insight into personal health and support them to build confidence and develop positive mental, social and physical well-being.  We will discuss different options available and if appropriate, link them to people and organisations that provide specialist information and support. Examples of these are: peer support, community services, educational organisations and educational websites.  There are many web resources available that help people feel better equipped to move forward and/or educate friends and relatives about their circumstances. We aim to help mentees access additional information that may help them to decide which strategies and coping mechanisms may be useful to them to achieve their personal goals.

We provide this recovery and resilience mentoring to individuals referred through their GP, to private clients and in house to organisations who have identified clients or staff members that require support. For more information as to the best option for you to access this service, please contact us.