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Thought Leadership


Committing to 
better, more accountable mental health experience

It’s safe to say that mental health services and options for people who are under pressure needs innovation and reform. We are committed to making services more accountable, more person-centred and impact driven. Our society needs to know how build resilience, seek help and get it early and feel able to engage proactively and productively in their mental health. Or job is to make services better and move away from long term dependency on stretched and static systems.

As part of our Thought Leadership strategic plan, we commit to:

1. Lead the charge in creating knowledge equity for lived, learned and practice experience
2. Challenge industry standards & expectations
3. Provide hope with impactful alternatives to traditional services
4.Pushing for systemic change where the status quo impacts negatively on emotional wellbeing
5. Constantly considering new ways to innovate for good

Our Impact

The Hummingbird Project works best in partnership with others and when we drop into projects bringing high impact sustained outcomes. Some of the work we have undertaken recently includes…

Not content with helping NHSCT primary care patients achieve long-term positive changes in their lives we have also trained health service staff to manage their emotional health.

In partnership with Big Telly Theatre Company and funded by the Arts Council NI and PHA, we worked with a group of teenagers excluded from mainstream education to improve their resilience.

We worked with young adults with additional learning needs to prove they can also determine their own resilience and emotional health.

Local businesses benefitted from taster sessions demonstrating the need for emotional health training in the private sector. We also teamed up with BITC to deliver Link & Learn sessions to corporates.

CVSE sector training – our own sector deals with some of the most vulnerable people in society and staff also benefitted from resilience skills.

The Into Tomorrow Project funded by PwC continues to remove the most vulnerable young adults from factors contributing to suicide and lifting them out of mental ill health.

Some Stats


Over 600 people have accessed our emotional resilience training with 100% saying that it benefited their emotional health.


We increased our partnerships and collaborations to 40 different community, statutory and private sector organisations.


With our 1-2-1 clients, we have measured an average emotional health improvement of 89% in clinical scores.


Contact us

If our strategic approach to system change interests you or you are also trying to improve the experience of mental health for your service users, then contact us today to start a converstion. Collaborating makes the cause worthwhile.

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