The Hummingbird Project was created by a team who didn’t just want to be another mental health service provider of traditional talking therapies and group support. We wanted to create a new solution- combining learned and practised experience that we had all gained in our former roles with the LIVED EXPERIENCE of mental health recovery and resilience that our team had. By taking this new approach, we created our unique 3U-model, which is puts the individual at the centre of creating skills, support and wellbeing goals that are achievable and sustainable for their own unique circumstances.

But the 3U-model is just the beginning. We are constantly striving at the Hummingbird to innovate for good, working in collaboration with innovation partners such as Community Foundation Northern Ireland and Queens University Belfast to develop new wellbeing solutions, measure our impact and embed recognition of lived experience as an invaluable perspective on mental health recovery. We measure and provide impact evaluations on ALL our services for every partner or procurer. These qualitative and quantitative evaluations show clearly the difference that our intervention provides for participants, both in corporate and community settings.