We want you to join us on a social value partnership journey of innovation.  Together, using completely bespoke trailblazing methods we will improve your workforce’s mental health, your company’s productivity, the mental health of your community and your reputation as a socially responsible company. 

We are not about providing tick box services; we will bring about tangible change including real-time measurement of organisational, personal and social outcomes and impacts.  Everything that we do together will be monitored, assessed, evaluated and interpreted, both qualitatively and quantitatively. 

Working together to improve workforce wellbeing and productivity 

Last year mental health cost the Northern Ireland economy £790 million!  The full impact of Covid-19 on emotional wellbeing is also yet to be come to light – it will be very significant. 

If you work in partnership with us we will improve your staff’s resilience and efficiency through fresh evidence-based training and support that will reduce absenteeism, presenteeism and staff turnover, as well as improving employee focus and motivation.   

We will work very closely with you to explore the matrix of your company, helping you to measure staff emotional wellbeing, understanding your unique needs, and then quantifying how it is impacting on resilience and productivity.  This will facilitate a robust business case to pinpoint problems, outlining a best-fit customised package to provide solutions that lead to measurable change to efficiency, productivity and return on investment. 

Our bespoke programmes can be as in-depth or light touch as you wish.  We can: 

  • Enable your workforce to grow and sustain their own resilience and emotional wellbeing. We do this by understanding individuals on a ‘whole person’ basis – working alongside them to find keys to unlock effective solutions to real-life issues that WILL WORK FOR THEM 
  • Train your leaders to spot mental health issues and provide them with the know-how and confidence to tactfully raise the matter and have it dealt with, while providing support during times of difficulty 
  • Provide those struggling with their mental health with one to one mentoring to help steer them on the road to recovery 

This is not about hints and tips to maintain good mental health; it is higher level intervention that is as bespoke for your organisation as it is for each individual. 

As more and more staff become remote from each other, our online Emotional Resilience Forum offers companies a real solution to support staff through a changing world.

Our Resilience and Recovery mentoring offers staff who are facing difficult challenges an empathetic and highly experienced partner to work it all out.

Our highly experienced facilitators harness the personal expertise of your staff to share knowledge and build real wellbeing within teams.

Let’s build something together.