Protecting your People

We know that this has been a crazy year. We have all faced endless and unprecedented challenges – isolation, loneliness (for even the most sociable of people), the personal and financial challenges of remaining safe, juggling the needs and priorities of family members, sustaining work commitments in a new and sometimes uncomfortable environment and all the while trying our very best to look after ourselves and kept together!

As end of year looms, please don’t go down the frequently trodden path of bulk buying stationery, unnecessary office furniture or last minute, low impact training. We know how important it is to protect budgets, so use this time to invest rather than spend.

The Hummingbird Project Emotional Resilience Voucher Scheme allows organisations to purchase vouchers at different budget and support levels, which can be redeemed over the course of a full year, to address and support the needs of your staff.

At the end of this financial year – DON’T SPEND… INVEST!

Emotional resilience forums – interactive online support for teams to come together and build skills and knowledge on self-care and action plans for tough times. (10 participants per voucher)

One to One emotional resilience support sessions for individual staff members who are under extreme pressure (6 x 1-hour sessions per voucher)

Understanding emotional resilience group training – interactive online or in person training for employees and managers to gain skills, knowledge & robust resilience plans for themselves or their team members. (10 participants per voucher)

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Vouchers can be purchased in any combination and in multiples depending on the size of your team. Vouchers can be redeemed from date of purchase for a full year.