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Why Choose The Hummingbird Project?

Why choose us to support and train your staff?

We are a social enterprise – unlike many other non-profit organisations, we provide impact like a business. We will collaborate with you on the how, what, when and why our services can produce results for your organisation, what it costs and most importantly, what measured impact it has. The added bonus is that we invest all profits into providing support services to those in the community, who are suffering from emotional ill health.



This is not just mental health, this is mental resilience! We don’t just want to raise awareness, it’s what you do with it that counts. We provide training and support to all staff to increase and sustain their emotional wellbeing and support others to do the same. Our clients tell us this helps them sustain the changes they want to make and increase their resilience for the future.



With the Hummingbird you will be getting a secret sauce that most other providers do not have. Not only are our delivery staff trained facilitators with many years of mental health support practice under their belt, but all employees in the organisation have also lived experience of a mental health issue. They share their experiences for good.



Our culture is a benchmark – as a lived experience organisation, our culture, HR practices and workplace environment is at the cutting edge of how a business can start up and thrive with person-centred, strengths-focused polices. Our organisation IS our people, and we can provide your business with unique strategic insight as to how you can invest in your staff with accountability, compassion and trust.

So how can we help…?

If you work in partnership with us we will improve your staff’s resilience and efficiency through fresh evidence-based training and support that will reduce absenteeism, presenteeism and staff turnover, as well as improving employee focus and motivation. If you wish to deliver the same benefits to your clients, we can do that too.

1-2-1 Recovery Mentoring

These sessions provide one-to-one, person-centred recovery & resilience skills, tailored for the individual’s emotional health.


Employee Support Vouchers

Show support to your employees by making available our employee support vouchers – allowing them to access help when needed most.


Group Resilience Training

We provide endorsed and accredited resilience courses to all sectors – which upskill and build capacity for staff and clients.


Online Resilience Forum

This support forum up-skills its participants to understand emotional wellbeing and build resilience for their own mental health.

Or something a little more tailored…

Bespoke Consultancy

Whether you are just starting out to address the wellbeing of your staff or want to evaluate some well-worn policies, we can be your expert partner to advise what really works and how to listen to the needs of your employees.

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