You, Me, Our Wee Community

We’re working with Groundwork NI, Orchardville and NOW Group to give participants skills to increase their wellbeing and resilence and manage stress in everyday life

PARTNERING WITH: Groundwork NI, Orchardville and NOW Group
FUNDED BY: Groundwork NI
TIME PERIOD: Spring 2021

PARTICIPANT GROUP: Young adults aged 17 -19
MAIN BARRIERS: Learning differences / disability, social anxiety

PROJECT IMPACT: At the Hummingbird, we know how difficult it can be for young people,with learning differences and social anxiety, when talking about mental health and emotional wellbeing,. This project targets these issues and involves particpants engaging in group work activties encouraging the learning of emotional resilience and wellbeing teaching partipants necesarry skills to use when in times of stress or pressure, particpants take part in activities like the CSI iceburg task where participants work in groups to draw an iceberg and label different parts with the terms causes, signs, impact. The signs heading is above water meaning that participants must identify signs a person may show if they are sad or depressed and then identify causes and impact that can be had on a person. Particpants also learn the importantance of self care, finding activities or liesures that give them pleasure, knowing what support networks are avaliable to them and develop their understanding of how mental health impacts their everyday lives using fun activities that provide visual examples for partipants to better understand like the nice bucket challenge where participants must write down things that they can do for themselves to feel better and place them into the bucket.

WHAT WE ARE DELIVERING: Emotional resilience group work

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