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The Hummingbird Project

We Live Mental Health

Welcome to the Hummingbird Project located in Portstewart on the magnificent Causeway Coast in Northern Ireland. Named after an exotic bird, with characteristic toughness in tiny form, we are an emerging social enterprise with a giant spirit providing mental health services to individuals, organisations and communities.

Experts by Experience
What sets us apart as community sector mental health experts, is that we also have ‘lived experience’ (LEx) of having mental ill health ourselves. It’s this combination that makes our work pioneering in helping to deliver positive outcomes for our clients. The project was started in 2016 by CEO Leigh Carey following her own devastating experience of personal trauma. Under her leadership, The Hummingbird Project is now run by a team of six passionate mental health practitioners.

Place of Understanding
All come from a place of understanding how trauma, depression and anxiety can impact upon people’s lives. We believe, this perspective makes all the difference when it comes to providing support. Our service users tell us, it makes us more empathetic, authentic, trusted and engaged as we work with and inspire them to take ownership of their own emotional well-being.

Sharing Our Stories
We believe passionately in sharing our lived and learned experience in the belief it makes a real and lasting impact in helping other people cope and build resilience; knowing prevention is better than the cure. This approach has helped to develop our unique 3U-Model©, working with all clients, to improve and protect their mental wellbeing. The Hummingbird Project is about giving people the skills and expertise to not only stay well but identify stressors early and either manage their own mental well-being or ask for help. 


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More About The Story Behind Our Tiny But Tenacious Bird

The Hummingbird represents an ancient symbol of joy and happiness. Its colourful appearance brings good luck and positive energy into our lives. Our project name symbolises the many different concepts and characteristics of this tiny but tenacious bird. Did you know, because of its wing speed, it can fly backwards and forwards and hover in one place? That’s a perfect analogy to remind us to sometimes pause and observe. It shows we can look back on our lives but not dwell on past pain, be present in places and situations that promote our happiness and wellbeing and look forward to better days ahead. This, the smallest bird in the world is capable of migrating 4,000 miles every year; teaching us, we are resilient, persistent, powerful beyond measure and capable of weathering life’s storms.