The Hummingbird Project is an award winning social enterprise that provides support to all members of the mental health family in a safe, warm-hearted space

The Hummingbird Project is a Community Interest Company based on the outstanding Causeway Coast and providing services to all of Northern Ireland. The Project aims to support people who are suffering from mental ill health and provides early intervention and prevention solutions to upskill all members of society in emotional resilience. We have a keen interest in recovery and resilience while we work collectively within local communities, to improve people’s mental health, life circumstances and reduce stigma.

The Hummingbird Project – An Overview

Our Project is all about people and our own inspiring ability to determine what constitutes a healthy life for us as individuals. The Hummingbird facilitates this self-determination by working with those who need support with their mental health but also addressing mental health resilience as a societal issue. We provide bespoke training with community partners which addresses identified need in an impactful and accountable way and provide emotional resilience solutions for all sectors to increase the well-being of managers, staff and clients.

We believe that society becoming more knowledgeable and taking ownership of their emotional wellbeing allows people to cope better, access support and adopt solutions best fitted to their own circumstances. We want people to be able to identify when they are struggling and access help earlier rather than the current situation where help is sought at crisis point. This has created an unsustainable crisis for the Health Service and communities themselves to the point they are being overwhelmed by the scale of need. New, innovative solutions need to be considered alongside currently available models and we have developed our own unique 3U methodology, co-designed by service-users. By engaging with the whole community about the importance of mental health we aim to reduce stigma and promote personal responsibility for wellbeing. We can do this by harnessing the power of lived experience to inform individual and organisational coping strategies while expanding innate resilience and recovery skill sets.

Our Vision

“That everyone embraces a collective energy to recover and seek out the good in life”

Our Mission

“Inspiring an ability to determine your own emotional health and recovery”