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Why We Do It

At the Hummingbird Project we challenge ourselves and our partners to focus on delivering impactful change to mental health in workplaces and communities. We want to make a difference by engaging in work we can be proud of and proven to enable and enhance the lives and wellbeing of our clients. Our lived-experience of having mental ill health ourselves gives us the passion, ownership and authenticity to innovate and go the extra mile.

We advocate for early intervention knowing if people invest in, understand and protect their emotional health, with the same value society gives to physical health, everyone can become emotionally resilient. At The Hummingbird Project, it is our privilege to support those who have become emotionally unwell to co-create recovery solutions in tandem with appropriate medical intervention.

Our clients journeys, feedback from our partners, the enthusiasm of our funders energise us in our work as we continue to reduce stigma and bring mental ill health out from the shadows. Our service provision is lean, transparent, accountable, measurable, sustainable and high impact.

Our clients and commissioners are our best ambassadors because they know first hand the difference we make.

2018 Impact Report
2019 Impact Report
20/21 Impact Report
PwC Challenge Impact Report

Our Vision:

“Everyone can successfully determine their own emotional wellbeing to avert mental health crisis”

Our Mission:

“To deliver bar-raising, life-changing support and skills in emotional wellbeing”