North Coast, Northern Ireland
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Corporate / Community Partnerships

Your business in your community 

The 2018/19 Health Survey revealed that 27% of people in Northern Ireland had concerns about their own mental health. The number of people taking their own life per 100k in Northern Ireland was 18.6 in 2018, compared to 10.3 in England. The statistics are staggering but we can make a difference.

Your company making a difference

We are offering your organisation the opportunity to have a positive and sustainable impact on the wellbeing of your community, using income generated via staff fundraising.

Help where its needed most 

As an award-winning non-profit organisation that delivers bar raising, life changing support and skills in emotional wellbeing using our unique 3U-Model©, we have impacted the lives of over 600 people, over 90% of whom reported ‘a significant and sustained improvement in emotional health’. Our approach and outcomes sparked the attention of Queens University Belfast, who have evaluated our methods.

It is important to us that help is given where and when it is most needed. The income that you generate together can be used for a specific agreed project that will change and in some cases, save lives. We will of course keep you and your staff fully informed of the qualitative and quantitative impact that you are making.

Positivity creates positivity

Working together to fundraise for a particular cause is proven to be positive for mental health. Staff focused on a common altruistic goal impacts positively by enriching organisational culture, galvanising team spirit, loyalty and creating a sense of fun.

We will provide staff with fundraising packs with a variety of suggestions to raise funds and guidance to do so effectively. Fundraising challenges are designed to further boost emotional wellbeing such as:

~ Connecting with other people
~ Being physically active
~ Learning new skills
~ Giving to others
~ Mindfulness

We will work with your company to provide a tailored communication package to raise awareness of you as a responsible employer, concerned with staff welfare and a socially responsible presence in your community.


Join us

As a result of the coronavirus we feel that there has been a positive shift in mindset to people pulling together to resolve problems. We hope and trust that this sense of solidarity is everlasting and that you will join us as a partner in our common goal to improve wellbeing throughout your company and community.

The Into Tomorrow Project which was funded by PwC addressed suicide among young people in North and West Belfast. You do not need to commit in such a major way, but we hope that it helps inspire your company and its workforce to be part of something special.