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In person Recovery Mentoring

A unique form of therapeutic collaboration

These sessions are different to traditional counselling models of providing a listening ear service only. The Hummingbird mentors bring a unique combination of professional expertise and lived experience (LEx) to work in collaboration with the client to identify strengths and barriers, create action plans and build resilience for the future. We believe everyone is an expert in themselves, our job is to facilitate each person to build their capacity, understand and adapt to their own circumstances and move forward confidently.

What we do

These sessions support a client on a 1-2-1 basis, and promote person-centred recovery through the learning of personal resilience skills to support emotional wellbeing. We use a unique combination of lived experience (LEx) and our own 3U-Model© to inspire clients to take control of their life.

We gain an understanding of the client’s circumstances, unlock the client’s strengths and support options and uplift their confidence and control with effective plans.

Who is it suitable for?

Anyone who is having difficulty coping with their emotional health, which is having an impact on their ability to manage their circumstances.

What is the format?

The sessions are approximately one hour long, provided in a safe, confidential and informal way. We suggest a minimum of 6 sessions per individual. It can be delivered in person, over the phone or on Zoom.

Outcomes of intervention

1. Measurable improvement of mental wellbeing
2. Increased resilience
3. Better engagement with support options
4. Focused, achievable goal setting
5. Action plans for overcoming barriers

What does it cost?

£50 per session for private or personal referral

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