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Resilience Skills for the Community

Resilience Programmes

The professionals in the Hummingbird Project have developed a vast range and depth of experience in delivering support, both in one to one and group environments. We provide endorsed and accredited resilience courses to all – which upskill and build capacity for everyone in our community. Whether it is part of a well-being strategy for volunteers or as support for clients of particular organisation, these courses provide impactful, measurable change in a participants ability to manage their own emotional well-being and engage with others.


Our mission is to take the mental health struggle out of the shadows and support community organisations to engage with their people to improve their emotional wellbeing.

What does it cover?

Giving participants skills to understand emotional wellbeing and build resilience for their own mental health. Discussing a range of topics including stigma, signs and symptoms of mental ill health, coping strategies, engaging with others about mental health, supports, and self care.

Who is it suitable for?

This training is suitable for everyone – members, volunteers, clients and service users.

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If you are a staff member working in the community, you will know that dealing with a client’s mental health can be challenging. Our Level 2 course addresses some of the need-to-know skills that will help you help others more effectively.

What does it cover?

This training will upskill participants who wish to gain insight into mental health and wellbeing in the community and who may come across these issues within their community role. It will enable the development of skills in identifying strengths and barriers, understanding impact of mental wellbeing, addressing issues as they arise and building confidence in developing solutions in collaboration with others to achieve goals. As a result, they will know how to support others effectively, share accountability and set realistic goals to be achieved by everyone involved.

Who is it suitable for?

This training is suitable for people who are responsible for volunteers, clients or members, ideally who have already completed the Level 1 ‘Understanding’ training element.

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Programmes for Youth

The Hummingbird Project was funded by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation to design and deliver emotional resilience programmes for young people from the ages of eight to twenty-four. These sessions were co-designed with the different age groups with lived-experience at its core to ensure that each young participant created resilience tool-kits that were relevant and sustainable for them. Since its development, we have delivered this programme with a number of youth groups from different backgrounds and abilities. To date, we have worked with groups from Kinship Care, the NOW Group, Orchardville Society, GroundWork NI, Supporting Communities and we deliver a 5 year-long project as lead partner for the PwC Challenge called Into Tomorrow.

What does it cover?

Young people learn about mental health as it relates to their circumstances, how to seek support and about how to keep themselves well. The emphasis is on their own unique strengths.

Who is it suitable for?

We can deliver an age-appropriate programme from the age of 8 upwards. We also cater for young people with a learning difference.

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More services for our community

We offer bar-raising, measurable, accountable and change-making solutions for all members of our community. If you want to work with us to improve the lives of your service users, talk to us today about some of the solutions we offer:

In-person Recovery Mentoring

We offer a unique 1-2-1 mentoring experience to help people take control of their emotional health and build resilience ongoing.

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Online Emotional Resilience Forum

This support forum up-skills its participants to understand emotional wellbeing and build resilience in conversation format.

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Community Partnerships

We don’t believe in re-inventing the wheel! There are lots of great organisations doing lots of great work and we want to partner with you to create impact.

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