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Match of the Day: Coleraine Football Club and The Hummingbird Project strike a unique new mental health deal

It’s game on today (Friday, April 30th) for the elite sports team at Coleraine Football Club who have teamed up with the Hummingbird Project as part of its continued commitment to community engagement. The new partnership will see the Bannsiders support the award winning local social enterprise by promoting its mental ill health and resilience…
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Our 5th Birthday

16th of March 2021… This date feels significant for several reasons. It was exactly this date a year ago that we had our last “normal” day. We knew something was coming, we figured that we would have to close down for a couple of weeks, stay indoors and let this threat pass. Little did we…
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The National Lottery Community Fund

The Hummingbird Project to support Leaders with Lived Experience thanks to National Lottery funding We are celebrating after being awarded over £56000 in National Lottery funding to put people with lived experience of mental ill-health, and their carers, in the lead to achieve greater knowledge equity with their learned and practice experience colleagues. The new…
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The Dreaded ‘M’ Word

TALKING ABOUT THE WEATHER If anyone has ever seen “My Fair Lady” or read Pygmalion, they will know that in teaching Eliza Doolittle how to behave appropriately in polite society, she is told that the safe topics of conversation are the weather and everybody’s health. Even if you haven’t, that’s got to sound familiar to…
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What Are You On?

At some point in time, we all have to take medication from the Doctor to make us feel better. We explain our symptoms and medical professionals make the best choice as to what drugs would help to cure or manage our illness. Some drugs, or groups of drugs are well known…. Pain killers, antibiotics and…
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Social Self-harm?

Reading the news this week you could be forgiven thinking that self-harm is a 21st Century phenomena, often associated with young people and fashionably claimed by “celebs”. The truth is it has always been with us and probably always will be. When I “came out” and disclosed my history of cutting (partly because it was hard…
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Awareness is good, action is better.

I was a smoker for about 15 years. I finally stopped for the umpteenth and FINAL time 3 weeks ago. For 15 years I was very aware that it was not good for me, I was reminded all the time by non-smoking (or worse reformed ex-smoking) family and friends, every cigarette packet I picked up…oh…
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Why the Hummingbird?

Anyone who knows me will know that I love to talk to people about who we are and what we do at the Hummingbird Project. First and foremost, it is because I’m proud of the change that we inspire in others and passionate about spreading the word, because we keep getting told that we have…
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Launch of Hummingbird Connect – a COVID-19 response for our community.

We are delighted to announce that The Hummingbird Project (an award winning local organisation) has today launched a new community referral service with Ballysally Focus on Family, Causeway Women’s Aid, Millburn Community Association, West Bann Development Hub and Cross Glebe Community Association We are all living in chaotic times where our personal resilience is being tested to the…
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PwC GameChanger Update

PwC GameChanger update: Last week on the 28th of august the GameChanger participants had the pleasure of visiting Glenariff glens, in the beautiful landscape in the Antrim glens. there they completed an evaluation of the programme so far.James McAleese stated: “Emerging is a complex and harrowing set of back stories, a challenging mix of needs,…
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